My storry about solo Q and League of Legends as an investment of time

I am a 27-year-old average League of Legends player with just a small exception. I RESPECT MY LIFE AND MY TIME. I devote my time only to things and people that are worth it. I have realised very early in my life that the life is short. And you have to admit it. And you have to drain the most of it. So lets skip the butthurt part and procede to the real shit. I recently started playing ranked again. I have around 3k ranked games overall (all 5 seasons included). I started from bronze 2 and my peak is Diamond 1(currently D2), but I just can’t make it to Master or Challenger. I have watched my replays and I have taken numerous, countless notes. Then I realised something. During the last 20 games I had Gnar with Youmuu’s and Trinity as first items, Renekton support, Yasuo support, Morgana mid, Udyr jungle who was 0/1/0 on 45th minute with 350 farm, Kha’Zix mid 0/6/0. I don’t really care about the elo that I lose because of this guys. The thing that I care the most is MY TIME. And I wonder what makes people pick or do something that is like 90% loss in high elo. I have lost hope in League of Legends as a field for dedicated and talanted Solo e-sportmen. I wonder what makes people pick or do something that will cost them 40 minutes of their life FOR NOTHING. ~40 IRRECLAIMABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE MINUTES. I have lost hope and I can’t find a strong enough force to make me keep playing the game I love. Every time I see a guy that likes throwing ~40 minutes of his life in the trashbin makes me disgusted and makes me stop playing LoL for another month. TLDR : What makes people troll in high elo (D2,D1,Master,Challenger) almost every game, is it only me, and how do i deal with that.


It doesn’t really matter who fills dude. There is every game a guy that does atleast one thing to make the game 99% win for one of the teams. I’m not saying that the trolls are only in my team. My question is :what makes people devote so much time in their life in losing on purpose.


ill agree my d1 smurf is so hard to climb with so many people don’t give a fuck and troll it had such a negative impact on me that I lost 300 lo on my main :/. Anyways ask yourself do you want to try and be pro? Do you want to be challenger? Is it worth it to you? If climbing isn’t worh dealing with trolls just play casually with friends or find a new game.


I just don’t understand these people. I will give you an example. An average guy plays 3 games, which with the queues and the champ selects estimates around 3 hours. Let’s assume that this average guy wins 3 games in a row. He gets ~40 points. Then he gets in 4th game and says „shaco only“. And random guy in his team picks or bans shaco. What happen’s ? Our hero decides to „troll“ his „enemy in his team“ and make him lose. So you make someone else lose to make him feel bad. You lose around 2 or 3 hours of your life by doing that, because you lose the gained LP by the previous win streaks on purpose and you lose another 40 minutes while trolling. I am just watching in awe such people and keep wondering how thehuman’s brain can be so ignorant and self-demolishing.

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