I’m building an instagram bot… what do you think?

Context: Over a year ago I made a post on here asking for advice regarding my instagram bot I built for myself. At the time there wasn’t much feedback, but since posting it I probably get a PM once every 3 days regarding the instagram bot and whether it’s available. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to build the instagram bot so that anyone can use it, as it was truly very effective.


I built the instagram bot initially for myself. I made a bet with my friends regarding how many followers I could get within a certain time period… I ended up getting 34,000 followers within ~3ish months, and had a 8-10% conversion rate. I was gaining 150-300 followers a day, but the thing was, these followers were incredibly engaging, which is down to how I built the bot.

With all that being said, I’ve started building it so that anyone can use it… Take a look at the screenshot, so far (it’s a WiP):

Screenshot, hopefully you notice the clean and attractive design 🙂

What makes my bot so much better?:

So you’re probably thinking what makes mine better.. to be perfectly honest, there are many factors, but let me highlight a few:

1) Engagement: The way I’ve set up the bot is tailored towards engagement. What good is there in having 30,000 followers when only 300 like your latest picture and only 4 comment? As I mentioned above, my instagram account had 34,000 followers and was getting 3,000 likes per picture and 100 comments within the first 4 hours. This is huge. Obviously, tags had some effect, but for the most part my followers were very keen and engaging, so they would like and comment which helped me get on the ‚Explore‘ page and higher up on the tags list.

2) Highly customizable: This leads me to the next point, which also helps explain how my bot gets the most engaging people within your niche.

Largely it’s down to the algorithm which only follows/likes people who are proven to be engaging, mainly checking for liking and commenting regularly.. but there’s more to it. You can specify how many „followings“ the person you follow/like has.. there is no benefit in following someone who also follows 4,000 people.. they might follow back, sure, but you’ll rarely show up on their feed. What you want is people with low followings (i.e maybe they follow 200 people) and who have a proven track record for being engaging and following back, and ultimately being interested in your niche.

This is where you get your elite followers, which makes the bot very powerful.

3) Secure: My Instagram bot doesn’t require your password. Which means it doesn’t use Instagram’s api.. this is a huge positive.

There are a few more points on the website:

https://ingage.io, speaking of which, if you’ve read this far, consider adding your email to our launch list. You’ll be the first to know when we launch and you might get a very nice discount 😉

We’ll never spam you. Launch is happening soon.

I’ve written a lot now, and I hope I have made my points clear, but if not I’ll answer any questions as they come in.

Thanks for reading! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! 🙂


I never used Massplanner… did you like it? What made it unique?

At the moment the tool can only run on 1 account, but once I launch I plan on making regular updates, one of which would be multiple accounts.

It works by visiting Instagram.com (the user has to be signed in, which we don’t handle, hence not requiring your password). Hope that answers your questions..

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